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Candy Stripe Knit Pillow

The Candy Stripe Knit Pillow displays a playful design that works well in casual be..


Darling Knit Pillow

Styled in fashion-now colors and a playful design, the Darling Knit Pillow is a coz..


Lilia Pillow

Fun and fashionable, the Safavieh Lillia Pillow brings nautical style to any space ..


Quinn Pillow Orange Tan

Delineate your style with the Quinn horizontally striped cowhide pillow, each band stitc..


Remy Pillow

Tropical design takes a modern turn in an artful pillow of 100% cotton with dramati..


Sibine Pillow - Orange

The classic sailor’s knot is an elegant adornment, whether it’s used for jewelry, p..


Striped Looped

The striped loop pillow, in ginger orange, uses soft loops of handloom wool to add ..


Striped Tealea Pillow 22" X 22"

 Artfully textured zigzag stripes are rendered in hand-stitched embroidery to creat..